Noise-immune galvanically isolated RS-485 interface converter (three connectors) to USB


Main characteristics

Wiring diagram

4-wire connection with shielded signal cable (2-wire RS-485 line plus common ground wire connected to the shield and power wire)
Cable with Type A Male USB connector

Supply voltage

5 V

Consumption current

< 30 mA

Ambient temperature

-40..+70 °C

Housing material

ABS plastic

Immunity to dust and moisture

IP-65, IP-67

Link length

< 1500m (9600bps speed)

Data transfer rate

< 2Mbps

Highest degree of explosion protection


Type of protection

intrinsically safe electrical circuit

  • The device for remote automatic data collection using standard communication protocol without special software. Meets all safety requirements.

  • The device is powered directly from the USB interface.

  • Isolated RS-485 interface.

  • High noise immunity.

  • High reliability and long-term stability.

  • Designed for mass production.

Design features

STB-USB-485G consists of a processing and conversion unit housed in an waterproof ABS plastic case with dimensions of 88x64x44mm, equipped with three 8-pin POLSUN connectors for connection via RS-485 interface, and cable with USB Type A connector for connection to a PC or PLC.